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Industry Sustainability Insights

Industry Sustainability Insights is a monthly bite-sized expert-led conversation on the most pressing topics in sustainability. 

Join the discourse and explore how sustainability makes sense for your business.


Serving as a bridge between innovators across all circles, In.Techathon creates the space for systemic circular innovation bringing together key leaders from the biggest brands and multinational organizations in ASEAN working towards sustainability and circular economy.

In.Techathon is a 7-day virtual hackathon to address the existing problem statements around the theme of circular economy in plastic packaging. Through the hackathon, participants consisting of manufacturers, industry leaders, innovators, academicians, startups will be fast-tracked along with the support of knowledge resources and mentors, with the end outcome of developing a prototype.

Plastic Sustainability Leadership Webinar

Close to 700 industry participants registered to join us for a half-day webinar series packed with leadership sessions. A selection of subject matter experts shared knowledge and insights to enable a transition to a more circular plastic future, aligning sustainability strategies to reach any organisation’s sustainability goals. 

In.Tech Conference: Sustainability 2019

In.Tech Conference created awareness on the current movements in sustainability in plastics being one of the biggest potential disruptors on the policy front, leading to greater regulation (including bans) and/or deselection by consumes, retailers and brand owners.

In.Tech Conference:
IR 4.0 2018

In.Tech Conference focused on Industry 4.0 for dynamic business leaders to explore, share knowledge, and discuss the big issue in the digital transformation of manufacturing. The conference attracted leading authorities from government, business & academia who are keen to share their experiences and to look at best practices for manufacturers who are keen to implement change across their organisation.

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